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Birds of The Chiricahua Wilderness Area
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Painted Redstart Warbler
Painted Redstart Warbler picturegallery171325.tmp/CDEER.jpg

Wild deer keep an eye on us

The Chiricahua Wilderness area is by far one of the most beautiful places I've hiked through.

At the beginning of the trail we were greeted by nasal "zheek'" calls from several Mexican Jays jumping from tree to tree overhead. We walked down tree lined pathways, over wooden bridges, and through running streams.  Plan to get your feet wet! One of the best moments of the day was when we walked through a meadow of waist high yellow flowers as several deer surrounded us. We froze in place. I didn't dare grab my camera.  I just stood there, "being in the moment". The deer begin to leap up above the flowers and make circles around us while butterflies scurried out of the way. It was a Disney moment. All that was missing was Thumper!  I didn't get the best bird photos but I did see a Painted Redstart Warbler and a Blue-throated Hummingbird for the first time and got pictures of them too!  Look to the right and below.



Yellow flowers in the meadow

Beautiful views of the Chiricahua Mountains
Chiricahua Mountains picturegallery171325.tmp/chiricahua .jpg

Mexican Jay
Mexican Jay picturegallery171325.tmp/chiricahua .jpg

Blue-throated Hummingbird
Blue throated Hummingbird picturegallery171325.tmp/chiricahua .jpg

Female Red-shafted Northern Flicker
Female Red shafted Northern Flicker picturegallery171325.tmp/chiricahua .jpg

One of the bridges along the trail.....
picturegallery171325.tmp/chiricahua .jpg

Get ready to cross a few streams......
picturegallery171325.tmp/chiricahua .jpg