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All photos on this site are property of The Birdwatching Lady and can not be reproduced or copied without prior permission. Please note: Pictures posted have reduced pixels. Contact us if interested in photographs.

Photos- Top Left: Green Heron at El Dorado Nature Center, Long Beach

            Top Right: Sharp-shinned Hawk at El Dorado Nature Center, Long Beach

Below are pictures I've taken while out birdwatching.
Click pictures below to see more birds at that location.
If you are interested in buying any of the photos, email me. I'm having some of them gallery framed on canvas.

Western Blue Bird
Western Blue Bird picturegallery171325.tmp/1.jpg

Cactus Wren
Cactus Wren 171325.tmp/cactuswren.jpg

Coastal Steller Jay
Coastal Steller Jay idyllwild ca picturegallery171325.tmp/114.jpg

Green Heron
171325.tmp/green heron .jpg

Male Northern Cardinal
Male Northern Cardinal picturegallery171325.tmp/215.jpg


Temecula, Ca. 

California Gull
California Gull171325.tmp/California Gull.jpg

A Snowy Egret Welcome
Snowy Egret 171325.tmp/snowyegretonbridge.JPG

Western Bluebird chick
Western Bluebird chick 171325.tmp/westernbluebirdchickhead.jpg

Male Gambel's Quail
Male Gambel's Quail 171325.tmp/Cmalegambelsquail.JPG

bird statue at Tlaquepaque

Greater Roadrunner "Here's lookin' at ya!"
Greater Roadrunner171325.tmp/roadrunnerhead.JPG

Bird exhibits from around the world
Bird exhibits171325.tmp/IWM2birdexhibit.JPG

Cactus Wren
Cactus Wren 171325.tmp/SDMcactuswren3.JPG

Male White-eared Hummingbird
Male White-eared Hummingbird171325.tmp/BBBwhiteearedbackside.JPG

Male Vermilion Flycatcher
Male Vermilion Flycatcher171325.tmp/SPAZmalevermilionflycatcher.JPG

Female Broad-billed Hummingbird
Female Broad-billed Hummingbird 171325.tmp/PSCfemalebroadbilledhumm.JPG