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The Birds of Bird Island in Belize

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prior permission. Please note:Pictures posted have reduced pixels. Contact us if interested in photographs.

Photos: Top Left- Reddish Egret,  Top Right- Carlos Franco gives a thumbs up with Bird Island in the background.




Franco Tours (email)

Carlos Franco  Phone# 011-501-626-0591 

Brown Pelican Chicks
Brown Pelican Chicks 171325.tmp/BZBIcormorantbabyhead.jpg

Doubled-crested Cormorant Chick
Doubled-crested Cormorant Chick 171325.tmp/BZBIcormorantbabyhead.jpg

Take a private tour to Bird Island while in Belize.

I was overwhelmed to see for the first time nesting water birds. I mean, how cute are they? I was so excited but had to make sure I balanced getting great pictures with not disturbing the birds and their nests. I made sure to stop and "be in the moment" and enjoy God's creation. There were large birds everywhere you looked! We would see large groups of Reddish Herons, Brown Pelicans, White Ibis, Doubled-crested Cormorants, and Egrets hanging out at the top of all the bushes. Bird Island is small and has a mangrove in the middle. We saw several Black-necked Stilts in the mangrove as we peered in from the outside. The only man-made thing on the island is a wooden dock that you can use to get onto the island. In order to walk all the way around the island we had to make our own pathways through brush and swamp while ducking under branches and vines. It was the highlight of our trip and a true birding adventure. I included Carlos Franco's contact email if you want to arrange a trip to Bird Island yourself. He was a great guide and also took us in and out of several water ways to find more birds.  I had taken, so I thought, some great pictures of an Amazon Kingfisher but my camera was on the wrong setting..... live and learn. Anyway, I hope you can find your way to Bird Island in Belize someday. It was a real treat!

Snowy Egret Chick
Snowy Egret Chick 171325.tmp/BZBIcormorantbabyhead2.jpg

Snowy Egret Chicks
Snowy Egret Chicks 171325.tmp/BZBIcormorantbabyhead.jpg

Reddish Egret
Reddish Egret171325.tmp/BZBIWHITESTORKS.jpg

Reddish Egret in the bush
Reddish Egret171325.tmp/BZBIWHITESTORKS.jpg

My husband making a trial on Bird Island, Belize
bird island belize171325.tmp/BZBIWHITESTORKS.jpg

Magnificent Frigatebird
Magnificent Frigatebird171325.tmp/BZBIWHITESTORKS.jpg

White Ibis
White Ibis171325.tmp/BZBIWHITESTORKS.jpg

Doubled-crested Cormorants in nest
Doubled-crested Cormorants in nest171325.tmp/BZBIWHITESTORKS.jpg

Carlos shows the way....
Bird Island belize171325.tmp/BZBIWHITESTORKS.jpg

Immature Brown Pelican
Immature Brown Pelican171325.tmp/BZBIWHITESTORKS.jpg

Immature Brown Pelican
Immature Brown Pelican171325.tmp/BZBIWHITESTORKS.jpg

Immature Tri-colored Heron
Immature Tri-colored Heron171325.tmp/BZBIWHITESTORKS.jpg