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Birds of The Coachella Valley Wild Bird Center

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Photos: Top Left-Viewing platform over looking bulrushes. Top Right- Linda York greets us at the door with a Great Horned Owl nestling.

Coachella Valley

Wild Bird Center

Indio, California 


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Great Horned Owl Nestling
Great Horned Owl Nestling171325.tmp/CVWBowlwing.jpg
Greater Roadrunner
Greater Roadrunner171325.tmp/CoachellaValleyWildBirdCenter.jpg
Marsh Wren speaks his mind!
Marsh Wren171325.tmp/CVWBmarshWren.jpg

The Coachella Valley Wild Bird Center really surprised me!

Before each bird watching trip, I make a list of multiple places to visit knowing that some will be a bust. I must admit that I thought the CVWBC was going to fall into that category. I was pleasantly surprised! When we first walked up we were greeted by Linda York with a Great Horned Owl Nestling in tow. Linda explained that the owl had been brought in that morning by a maintenance crew from a local golf course. It had been windy the night before and the small owl was blown out of his nest up in a palm tree. We followed Linda as she took us around back and showed us all the birds that were either there to get mended up and released or birds that were going to have to be permanent guests due to injuries. There were owls, falcons, hawks, doves, roadrunners, ducks, cormorants, pelicans, quails, and more. One of the little Quails was too cute as he came right up to the side of the cage and talked sweetly to our faces. It was a real treat to see these birds up close.

The CVWBC is right next to the Valley Sanitary District, a waste water treatment facility that includes a 25 acres of constructed wetland habitat with three ponds. The area provides a great location for migratory and resident waterfowl and makes for a great shorebird habitat.  After checking out the CVWBC facility, we walked over to the beautiful marsh areas where all you could hear was screaming Marsh Wrens. They were everywhere but tough to spot. I was going crazy trying to get a picture of one of the little guys. We walked up all the viewing platforms and overlooked the marshland. It is an Oasis in the desert for many birds and also for us bird watcher types.

Recommendation: Call for the current hours as they may differ from their web page.  They are usually open daily from 9am-12noon expect for major holidays. 

Linda at her desk with an American Krestrel
American Krestrel171325.tmp/CoachellaValleyWildCenter.jpg

Great Horned Owl
Great Horned Owl171325.tmp/CVWBgreatHornedOwl2.jpg

Great Horned Owl Nestlings and adult below
Great Horned Owl Nestlings171325.tmp/CoachellaValleyWildBirdCenter.jpg

A friendly Gambel's Quail
Gambel's Quail171325.tmp/CoachellaValleyWildBirdCenter.jpg

Ferruginous Hawk
Ferruginous Hawk171325.tmp/CoachellaValleyWildBirdCenter.jpg

Summer Eared Grebe
Summer Eared Grebe171325.tmp/CoachellaValleyWildBirdCenter.jpg

Snowy Egret in flight
Snowy Egret in flight171325.tmp/CoachellaValleyWildBirdCenter.jpg

Ruddy Duck
Ruddy Duck171325.tmp/CoachellaValleyWildBirdCenter.jpg

Male Cinnamon Teal
Male Cinnamon Teal171325.tmp/CoachellaValleyWildBirdCenter.jpg

We spotted a Coyote from a viewing platform

Several cages along with flight and exercise cages