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Birds of the Coachella Valley Preserve

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Photos: Top Right- Long-eared Owl Nestling spotted up in a palm tree off a trail.

House Finch
House Finch171325.tmp/CVPcactuswren.jpg
Cactus Wren
Cactus Wren171325.tmp/CVPcactuswren.jpg

Visit an Oasis in the desert. 

The highlight of our visit to The Coachella Valley Preserve was the Long-eared Owl Nestling we came across up in some Palm trees right off the walking trail. We didn't see that many other birds so my pictures are sparse. We must have visited at the wrong time but the owl made the trip worth it for us. It might be like what the surfers say, "You should have been here yesterday".  There is lots of history at the preserve. The visitor center is in a historic log cabin made with totem poles. Inside the visitor center there is a large collection of old photos of the oasis from years ago and some very nice volunteers to answer any questions you might have.   The McCallum Trail is a nice walk that ends with an oasis with a pond that has pupfish. It appears that many people get excited about pupfish but as a birder, I just don't get it. No disrespect to the pupfish. *smile* 

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Coachella Valley Preserve Visitor Center
Coachella Valley Preserve Visitor Center171325.tmp/CVPvisitorcenter.jpg

Purple Finch
Purple Finch171325.tmp/CVPvisitorcenter.jpg


One of the many Lizards we saw......

Trail Marker
Oasis at the end of the McCallum Grove trail
Oasis at the end of the McCallum Grove trail171325.tmp/CVPvisitorcenter.jpg

Pupfish sign at the pond
Pupfish 171325.tmp/CVPvisitorcenter.jpg

A Pupfish in the Coachella Valley Oasis Pond.
Pupfish Coachella Valley171325.tmp/CVPvisitorcenter.jpg