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Birds of Yorba Park, Ca.

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Left Picture: Red House Finch

Right Picture: Male Wood Duck 


Yorba Linda, California


More Info Yorba Park

Male & Female Wood Duck hiding in the grass
Male Wood Duck hiding in grass Yorba park picturegallery171325.tmp/3.jpg

Wood Duck Nesting Box
Wood Duck Nesting Box yorba park picturegallery171325.tmp/3.jpg

It was a wonderful day walking through the park with a birdwatching girlfriend of mine. I especially like the wood ducks. The park has placed nesting boxes for the wood ducks on several trees. It is amazing how small the enterance hole is in the boxes--the fact that the female is able to get into the box so fast is mind-boggling! I also like the endless riverbed area that runs along the 91 freeway. It is a great habitat for all kinds of waterfowl. The park has so many trees that there are feathered surprises everywhere you look.

Black Phoebe near the riverbed
Black Phoebe riverbed Yorba Park picturegallery171325.tmp/DSC_0160.jpg

Tree Swallows in Flight
Tree Swallows in Flight yorba park picturegallery171325.tmp/DSC_0160.jpg

Bushtit yorba park picturegallery171325.tmp/DSC_0160.jpg

Male Hairy Woodpecker
Male Hairy Woodpecker yorba park picturegallery171325.tmp/DSC_0160.jpg

Male & Female Wood Ducks
Male & Female Wood Ducks yorba park picturegallery171325.tmp/DSC_0160.jpg

Swan Goose
Swan Goose yorba park picturegallery171325.tmp/7.jpg