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Birds at your local duck pond.

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Photos: Top Left- American Coot stretching his wings. Top Right- California Gull scans the pond for a snack.

My Local Duck Pond

Temecula, California 

More info Temecula Duck Pond  


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Male & Female Mallards in flight
Male Female Mallards171325.tmp/Male Female Mallards.jpg

Male Ruddy Duck
Male Ruddy Duck171325.tmp/Male Ruddy Duck.jpg

It was right under my nose.....
I was in town with an hour to kill, so I pulled out my camera and visited the local duck pond. You know the place. It's the duck pond in your hometown that you drive by twice a week. I was surprised by the activity during the middle of the day. Parents with kids, bags of bread crusts, and anxious ducks just waiting to be fed. I sat on a bench and just took it all in. There were many things I hadn’t seen before. The Mallard type duck with the crazy hair-do fascinated me. I was able to see California Gulls hunt for food up-close and American Coots run on the water. I must admit, when the Swan Goose was mating, I was concerned there would be a drowning!  My favorite duck of the day was the Ruddy Duck. He is just too cute! After reading this, I hope that you too will find time to visit the local duck pond in your hometown and see what awaits you. 

Mating Swan Goose
Mating Swan Goose 171325.tmp/Mating Swan Goose.jpg

California Gull looking for food
California Gull 171325.tmp/California Gull .jpg

California Gull
California Gull 171325.tmp/California Gull .jpg

Male & Female American Wigeon
American Wigeon 71325.tmp/American Wigeon.jpg

Mallard descendant
Mallard 171325.tmp/ Mallard.jpg

Mallard Descendant with crazy hair-do!
Mallard 171325.tmp/Mallard.jpg

American Coot running on water
American Coot171325.tmp/American Coot .jpg