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Birds of The Shipley Nature Center

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Huntington Beach, Ca. 


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Western Bluebird nesting box
Western Bluebird nesting box171325.tmp/DSC_0259.JPG

It was all about the Western Bluebird the day I visited......

The 18-acre Shipley Nature Center has many easy walking pathways lined with wildflowers and butterflies. Great place to take kids and just enjoy all kinds of nature. The day we visited (in July) the Western Bluebirds stole the show. I couldn't help but spend an hour just watching them enter in and out of the nesting boxes feeding their young. You will want to check out the gift shop and indoor nature exhibits.

Western Bluebird Peek A' Boo
Western Bluebird 171325.tmp/orangebutterfly.JPG

"Bring me a worm!"
Western Bluebird 171325.tmp/orangebutterfly.JPG

Western Bluebird
Western Bluebird 171325.tmp/orangebutterfly.JPG

Western Bluebird feeds young chick
Western Bluebird 171325.tmp/orangebutterfly.JPG

juvenile Cooper's Hawk
juvenile Cooper's Hawk 171325.tmp/orangebutterfly.JPG

Red-shouldered Hawk in flight
Red-shouldered Hawk in flight171325.tmp/orangebutterfly.JPG

butterfly 171325.tmp/orangebutterfly.JPG

beautiful wildflowers
beautiful wildflowers 171325.tmp/orangebutterfly.JPG

Cottontail Rabbit
Cottontail Rabbit171325.tmp/orangebutterfly.JPG