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Birds of Sedona, Arizona

All photos on this site are property of The Birdwatching Lady and can not be reproduced or copied without prior permission. Please note: Pictures posted have reduced pixels. Contact us if interested in photographs.

Photos: Top Left- Theodore Schnebly & his wife Sedona dance in town. Top Right- Snoopy Rock in Sedona.



American Goldfinch stretches in the sunshine
American Goldfinch171325.tmp/MIASIGN.JPG

Mia's Place Wildlife Habitat
Mia's Place Wildlife Habitat171325.tmp/MIASIGN.JPG

My family was surprised that a desert could be so beautiful!

Sedona is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy nature. Take a short drive up Hwy 89A to Oak Creek Canyon. You will enjoy the tree lined Hwy, red rock formations, and a stream that runs along side most of the hwy. Pull off anywhere along the way and watch for birds. There are several nice places to hike and explore. While in Sedona you will not want to miss the Tlaquepaque Art Village.  Wonder around in the Mexican styled village looking in galleries and drinking a smoothie. Next to the Tlaquepaque Art Village (behind the tennis facility-next to the hotel) is Mia's Place Wildlife Habitat. (sorry, Mia doesn't have a web page to link you to.) It's a great place to bring children or people new to birding. It's a lovely park setting with bird baths, feeders, benches, and a stream that runs along the edge which attracts lots of water fowl. There is a kiosk in the middle with pictures of birds. As you lift up the bird pictures, you will hear the recorded sounds of that bird. Mia picks a bird to highlight for each month and has info on that bird at the kiosk. I was there in August and the bird of the month was the Goldfinch. If you ever want to see tons of Goldfinches, go to Mia's Place in August!

If you have people with you that are not into birds (heaven forbid!) there is a miniature golf course and a life size chessboard to entertain the non-birder types while you enjoy an hour or so of peaceful nature. 



House Finch
House Finch 171325.tmp/miafinchonfeather.JPG

One of Mia's Bird baths near the creek
Mia's Bird baths171325.tmp/miafinchonfeather.JPG

The Kiosk at Mia's Place
Mia's Place171325.tmp/miafinchonfeather.JPG

Lesser Goldfinch (green-backed male)
Lesser Goldfinch green-backed male171325.tmp/miafinchonfeather.JPG

House Finch
House Finch171325.tmp/miafinchonfeather.JPG

Female Black-chinned Hummingbird
Female Black-chinned Hummingbird171325.tmp/miafinchonfeather.JPG

Lesser-American Goldfinches & Red House Finch
Lesser-American Goldfinches & Red House Finch 171325.tmp/miafinchonfeather.JPG

Lesser & American Goldfinch
Lesser & American Goldfinch171325.tmp/miafinchonfeather.JPG

Western Kingbird in the shadows
Western Kingbird171325.tmp/miafinchonfeather.JPG

Female Mallard
Female Mallard171325.tmp/miafinchonfeather.JPG

Lesser Goldfinch Female
Lesser Goldfinch Female171325.tmp/miafinchonfeather.JPG

Lesser Goldfinch green-backed male
Lesser Goldfinch green-backed male171325.tmp/miafinchonfeather.JPG

American Robin with attitude
American Robin171325.tmp/miafinchonfeather.JPG

Tough to see Female Western Tanager ?
Female Western Tanager171325.tmp/miafinchonfeather.JPG
Let me know if you are sure.

Ducks in the creek at Mia's
mia's place wildlife habitat171325.tmp/miafinchonfeather.JPG

House Sparrow
House Sparrow171325.tmp/miafinchonfeather.JPG