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Birds of The Grand Canyon, Arizona

All photos on this site are property of The Birdwatching Lady and can not be reproduced or copied without prior permission. Please note: Pictures posted have reduced pixels. Contact us if interested in photographs.

Photos: Top Left- View of The Grand Canyon from Hwy 64. Top Right- California Condor on the cliffs  of The Grand Canyon.

California Condor soars over the canyon
California Condor171325.tmp/condorsitting.JPG

California Condor
California Condor171325.tmp/condorsitting.JPG

What can compare to the splendor and vastness of The Grand Canyon?

It is simply amazing to stand at the edge of The Grand Canyon and watch California Condors fly over head, with their up to 109" wing-spans, and perch themselves on the cliffs near by.  What a treat!  We were at the first lookout point off Hwy 64 as you first enter the park. You can only imagine how disappointed I was when I realized that my camera was set to the wrong settings as I shot what I thought was a plethora of Condor pictures. I was so excited that I failed to check my camera settings. That will not happen again! I did catch some other birds while there and some Elk as we drove through the Kaibab National Forest on the way to the canyon.

Mexican Jay
Mexican Jay 171325.tmp/gc4.JPG

Greater Roadrunner
Greater Roadrunner171325.tmp/gc4.JPG

Greater Roadrunner speaks his mind
Greater Roadrunner171325.tmp/gc4.JPG

Juvenile Indigo or Lazuli Bunting
Juvenile Indigo or Lazuli Bunting171325.tmp/gc4.JPG
This is my best guess. 7" bird

Elk grazing in the Kaibab National Forest
Elk grazing in the Kaibab National Forest171325.tmp/gc4.JPG

Female Summer Tanager
Female Summer Tanager171325.tmp/gc4.JPG