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Birds of The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

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Photos: Top Left- beautiful landscape at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. Top Right- Cactus Wren perched on a cactus at the Sonora Desert Museum

Sonora Desert Museum

Tucson, Arizona


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Cranky Cactus Wren blowing in the wind
Cactus Wren 171325.tmp/SDMmalegilawoodpecker.JPG

Male Gila Woodpecker
Male Gila Woodpecker 171325.tmp/SDMmalegilawoodpecker.JPG

I was excited as I entered the park being greeted by Cactus Wrens.
The Sonora Desert Museum needs to be on your "must see" list when visiting Tucson. The outdoor living museum has miles of walking trails that take you past one amazing exhibit after another with beautiful views of the Sonora Desert. The botanical gardens are a must walk so go early in the morning or when there is cloud cover to help keep you cool. We saw many birds as we walked through the gardens. The park has over 1400 different kinds of plants, tons of butterflies, and reptiles crawling on rocks and pathways. You will see many animals and plant exhibits with many endangered or threatened native and rare species of the Sonora Desert. The living desert consist of exhibits of 106 mammals, 241 birds, 361 reptiles, 122 amphibians, 10,700 fish, 840 arthropods set in natural desert settings. Kids will enjoy the many hands-on activities as they discover new animals of the desert. They have a cool cave exhibit you can crawl through if you are not to claustrophobic. I only went in part way and bailed out. A little to much like real spunking for this girl! As you can see from the pictures below there is a lot to see and you will not want to miss the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

White winged dove
White winged dove 171325.tmp/SDMwhitewingeddove.JPG

Verdin 171325.tmp/SDMwhitewingeddove.JPG

Rufous Hummingbird
Rufous Hummingbird 171325.tmp/SDMwhitewingeddove.JPG

Female Gila Woodpecker
Female Gila Woodpecker 171325.tmp/SDMwhitewingeddove.JPG

Male black-headed grosbeak
Male black-headed grosbeak 171325.tmp/SDMwhitewingeddove.JPG

White-eared Hummingbird
White-eared Hummingbird 171325.tmp/SDMwhitewingeddove.JPG

Male black-headed grosbeak
Male black-headed grosbeak 171325.tmp/SDMwhitewingeddove.JPG

Inca dove
Inca dove 171325.tmp/SDMwhitewingeddove.JPG

Female Blue-throated Hummingbird
Female Blue-throated Hummingbird 171325.tmp/SDMwhitewingeddove.JPG

House Sparrow
House Sparrow 171325.tmp/SDMwhitewingeddove.JPG

Female Gila Woodpecker
Female Gila Woodpecker 171325.tmp/SDMwhitewingeddove.JPG

Broad-billed hummingbird
Broad-billed hummingbird 171325.tmp/SDMwhitewingeddove.JPG

American Robin
American Robin 171325.tmp/SDMwhitewingeddove.JPG

Black-throated sparrow
Black-throated sparrow 171325.tmp/SDMwhitewingeddove.JPG

Many Butterflies, Grasshoppers, Desert Flowers and more.....

White butterfly
White butterfly 171325.tmp/SDMwhitebutterfly.JPG

Yellow flowers with visting Bumble Bee
Yellow flowers with visting Bumble Bee 171325.tmp/SDMwhitebutterfly.JPG

Grasshopper sunning himself

Grasshopper checking you out!
Grasshopper 171325.tmp/SDMwhitebutterfly.JPG

Blue Butterfly
Blue Butterfly 171325.tmp/SDMwhitebutterfly.JPG

Orange Butterfly
Orange Butterfly 171325.tmp/SDMwhitebutterfly.JPG

Yellow Butterfly
Yellow Butterfly 171325.tmp/SDMwhitebutterfly.JPG

Here's looking at you!
desert rodent 171325.tmp/SDMprierredog.JPG

Large Desert Lizard
large Desert Lizard 171325.tmp/SDMprierredog.JPG

Horny Toad
Horny Toad 171325.tmp/SDMprierredog.JPG

Yellow cactus flower
yellow cactus flower171325.tmp/SDMyellowcatusflower.JPG

White desert flower
White catus flower 171325.tmp/SDMyellowcatusflower.JPG

Desert tree flower
Desert tree flower 171325.tmp/SDMyellowcatusflower.JPG

Purple desert flower
Purple desert flower 171325.tmp/SDMyellowcatusflower.JPG

Pink cactus bud
Pink cactus bud 171325.tmp/SDMyellowcatusflower.JPG

Orange cactus flower
Orange cactus flower 171325.tmp/SDMyellowcatusflower.JPG

Cactus owl nest
Cactus owl nest 171325.tmp/SDMyellowcatusflower.JPG

Blue desert flower
Blue desert flower 171325.tmp/SDMyellowcatusflower.JPG