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Hummingbirds of Beatty's Guest Ranch

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Photos: Top Left - Male White-eared Hummingbird. Top Right - Tom Jr. greeting us at Beatty's Guest House





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Male Annas Hummingbird
Male Annas Hummingbird171325.tmp/BBBimmaturefemalerufoushummingbird.JPG

Immature Female Rufous Hummingbird
Immature Female Rufous Hummingbird171325.tmp/BBBimmaturefemalerufoushummingbird.JPG

There is no better place in the U.S. to see rare Hummingbirds than at Beatty's Guest Ranch.

I read about Beatty's in the book "Fifty Places To Go Birding Before You Die" and also in one of my favorite magazines "Birds & Blooms" (June-July 2008). I knew when I planned my trip to southern Arizona that I would have to search out Beatty's. When I first started to drive up the gravel road to the top of Miller Canyon I wondered if I was heading in the right direction. There were just a few primitive direction signs along the side of the road. I was expecting, due to the amount of visitors to Beatty's, to see "business like" signage. As I pulled up in front of Beatty's I recognized the wooden archway covered with vines that I had seen in "Bird's & Blooms".  Nothing fancy here. Beatty's website states that, "eco-tourism is a way of life, not a business". There is a small white ranch house, iron fence, wild over-grown flowers, a pond with water lilies, apple trees, and a gazebo out front with incredible hummers flying in and out to several feeders. On the archway I noticed a little metal box, labeled, "Sugar Donations" where folks can help with the cost of feeding hummers. As I walked through the archway I was enticed to buy fruit and honey that was grown on site and displayed in a cardboard box on a small wooden table. After paying a few dollars I was on my way to a hummingbird paradise! I walked through a couple of gates, an apple orchard and walked across a wooden bridge over a stream. I then continued up a steep stone and dirt pathway up a hill lined with a rope-handrail located not far behind the ranch house. I reached the top and I knew it was worth the short steep hike. There were 15-20 feeders hung under an oak tree canopy swarming with hummingbirds that I have never seen before. There were White-eared, Magnificent, Rufous, Blacked-chinned, Costa's, and Anna's to name a few. It rained off and on for a couple hours as I sat on a wood bench taking photos and enjoying some of the most beautiful birds in the world. What a privilege it was for me to visit Beatty's Guest Ranch for a few hours.


Make sure to check out Bird's & Blooms Magazine and Website.

Immature Female Rufous Hummingbird
Immature Female Rufous Hummingbird171325.tmp/BBfemalemagnificent4.JPG

Male White-eared Hummingbird
Male White-eared Hummingbird171325.tmp/BBfemalemagnificent4.JPG

Immature Hummer
Immature Hummer 171325.tmp/BBfemalemagnificent4.JPG

Female Magnificent Hummer
Female Magnificent Hummer171325.tmp/aBBfemalemagnificent4.JPG

Male Magnificent Hummingbird
Male Magnificent Hummingbird171325.tmp/BBfemalemagnificent4.JPG

Male Magnificent Hummingbird
Male Magnificent Hummingbird171325.tmp/BBfemalemagnificent4.JPG

Immature White-eared hummingbird
Immature White-eared hummingbird171325.tmp/BBfemalemagnificent4.JPG

Male Costas Hummingbird
Male Costas Hummingbird171325.tmp/ABBBmalecostashummer.JPG

Female Annas Hummingbird
Female Annas Hummingbird171325.tmp/BBBfemaleannashummingbird3.JPG

Female Annas Hummingbird
Female Annas Hummingbird 171325.tmp/ABBBfemaleannashummingbird2.JPG

Male Magnificent Hummingbird
Male Magnificent Hummingbird171325.tmp/BBfemalemagnificent4.JPG

Male Magnificent Hummingbird
Male Magnificent Hummingbird171325.tmp/BBfemalemagnificent4.JPG

Female Annas Hummingbird
Female Annas Hummingbird171325.tmp/BBfemalemagnificent4.JPG

Female Magnificent Hummingbird
Female Magnificent Hummingbird171325.tmp/BBfemalemagnificent4.JPG

Male Rufous Hummingbird
Male Rufous Hummingbird171325.tmp/BBfemalemagnificent4.JPG

Female Rufous Hummer
Female Rufous Hummer171325.tmp/BBfemalemagnificent4.JPG

Female Magnificent & Male Annas
Female Magnificent & Male Annas171325.tmp/BBBfemalemagnificentmaleannas.JPG

Female Black-chinned & Male Magnificent
Female Black-chinned Male Magnificent 171325.tmp/BBfemalemagnificent4.JPG

Male Black-chinned Hummingbird
Male Black-chinned Hummingbird171325.tmp/BBBMaleblackchinned.JPG

All kinds of Hummers at the feeders