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Let's talk birds........

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yikes! It's been a long time since I bloged in!

I'm still here....... Really....

I have been on several birdwatching trips and just haven't caught up with getting all the pages added to my site.  I have two little grand-picturegallery171325.tmp/zekemalachi.jpgbabies that I love on every week plus play tennis several times a week and run my local Tennis Club here in Temecula. I'm just a busy birdwatching Lady! I was at the San Diego Bird Festival this last weekend and met some cool people. I also picked up info on even more fun places to go bird watching. I don't think you can ever exhaust places to go birdwatching!

Isn't that exciting?

9:22 pm pdt 

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